Episode 162

Published on:

17th Jun, 2024

Episode 161

Published on:

10th Jun, 2024

Episode 160

Published on:

3rd Jun, 2024

Episode 159

Published on:

27th May, 2024

Episode 158

Published on:

20th May, 2024

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1001 Album Complaints
Musicians give irreverent takes on "1001 Albums" with jokes, delivered every Monday morning.
Musicians give irreverent takes on "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die", delivered every Monday morning.

We do all the research, help you better understand why you love the things you love, plus introduce you to new music and musical ideas you should care about. Want to sound informed, intelligent, and funny when talking about music, even the records you don't like? Want to laugh while you learn more about music production and music history? Then welcome to your new favorite weekly podcast.

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